USS Ainsworth (FF-1090)


USS Ainsworth (DE/FF-1090) was a Knox-class frigate named for Vice Admiral Walden L. Ainsworth (1886–1960). Ainsworth (DE-1090) was laid down at Westwego, La. , on 11 June 1971 by Avondale Shipyards, Inc. ; launched on 15 April 1972; sponsored by Mrs. Katherine Gardner Ainsworth, the widow of Vice Admiral Ainsworth; and commissioned on 31 March 1973 at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, Va. , Lt.  Comdr. Terrence E. Siple in command. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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  1. Çankaya (İzmir Metro)

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  1. USS Ainsworth (FF-1090)


  1. Provincia de Esmirna

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  1. USS Tang (SS-563)
  2. Gaziemir
  3. Esmirna

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