Tua River


Tua is a river in northeastern Portugal, flowing by the border of Vila Real District and Bragança District. It is a tributary of the Douro River. The biggest and most important city it flows through is Mirandela. The Tua line was a narrow gauge railway which closely followed the banks of the river. Construction started in 2011 on the Foz Tua Dam, which will affect the lower reaches of the river and submerge much of the trackbed of the Tua line. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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Freguesia (District)

  1. Ervedosa do Douro
  2. Pereiro (Tabuaço)
  3. Desejosa
  4. Nagozelo do Douro
  5. Soutelo do Douro
  6. São João da Pesqueira (freguesia)
  7. Amedo
  8. Castanheiro
  9. Castanheiro do Sul


  1. Favaios


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Rivers and tributaries

  1. Tua River

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  1. Mayalde

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