Tortoreto is a small town, pop. 7,836, on the Adriatic sea in Italy. It has two distinct parts. The old town is on a hill not far from the Adriatic and the new part, usually referred to as Tortoreto Lido, is seaside and located on SS 16. It can be reached by direct rail service or by flying to the Pescara airport and then traveling 45 km to north. The comune of Alba Adriatica was created in 1956 by splitting it off from Tortoreto. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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  1. Mosciano Sant'Angelo
  2. Colonnella
  3. Martinsicuro
  4. Alba Adriatica
  5. Corropoli


  1. Ripattoni

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  1. Río Tronto
  2. Tortoreto
  3. Río Tordino

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