Ma′unga Terevaka is the largest, tallest (507.41 m) and youngest of three main extinct volcanoes that form Rapa Nui. Several smaller volcanic cones and craters dot its slopes, including a crater hosting one of the island's three lakes, Rano Aroi. While Terevaka forms the bulk of Easter Island, the island has two older volcanic peaks; Poike which forms the eastern headland and Rano Kau the southern. Terevaka last erupted in the Pleistocene and is less than 400,000 years old. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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Historical Facts

  1. Vinapú

Archipelagoes and Islands

  1. Isla de Pascua (comuna)

Archaeological sites

  1. Ahu Vinapu

Other interest places

  1. Hanga Roa
  2. Aeropuerto Internacional Mataveri
  3. Rano Raraku
  4. Moái
  5. Maʻunga Terevaka
  6. Terevaka

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