Sierra Safari Zoo


The Sierra Safari Zoo is a zoo north of Reno, Nevada, United States. Opening in 1989, it has grown to become the largest zoo in the state. It houses a wide variety of exotic animals from around the world, including primates, big cats, reptiles, sloths, and others. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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  1. Zoológico safari de Sierra

what to see / tourism / zoos

  1. Sierra Safari Zoo


  1. Aeropuerto de Reno-Stead


  1. Ruta Estatal de Nevada 647
  2. Ruta Estatal de Nevada 673


  1. Reno (Nevada)


  1. Donald W. Reynolds School of Journalism

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  1. Sands Regency Casino Hotel


  1. Circus Circus Reno
  2. Harrah's Reno

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  1. Museo Nacional del Automóvil

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  1. Templo de Reno (Nevada)

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  1. Cold Springs (Nevada)
  2. Golden Valley (Nevada)
  3. Lemmon Valley-Golden Valley (Nevada)
  4. Poeville (Nevada)
  5. Verdi-Mogul

Natural Heritage / Trees

  1. Arboreto de la Universidad de Nevada en Reno

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  1. University of Nevada, Reno
  2. Reno Arch

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