Sidrón Cave


The Sidrón Cave (Spanish: Cueva de El Sidrón) is an ancient cave in Piloña municipality, Asturias, northwestern Spain, where Paleolithic rock art and Neanderthal remains have been found. It is approximately 600 meters in length. In 1994, Neanderthal remains were inadvertently uncovered inside the cave. Archaeologists have since recovered the remains of at least 12 individuals: three men, three adolescent boys, three women, and three infants. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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You can find around this zone pois of interest and places relates with Parish (parroquias), what to see / tourism / architecture and monuments, Parishes

Parish (parroquias)

  1. La Piñera (Morcín)
  2. Miyares
  3. Santa Eulalia (Cabranes)
  4. Sorribas (Piloña)
  5. Cereceda (Piloña)
  6. La Riera (Colunga)
  7. Carda
  8. Arnín

what to see / tourism / architecture and monuments

  1. Amandi (Villaviciosa)
  2. Iglesia de Santiago (Gobiendes)


  1. Coya (Piloña)

Other interest places

  1. Espinaredo
  2. Viñón (Cabranes)
  3. Gramedo (Asturias)
  4. Cueva del Sidrón
  5. Fíos
  6. Torazo
  7. Vallés (Villaviciosa)
  8. Ermita de Nuestra Señora de Loreto de Colunga
  9. Breceña

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