Scientists Cliffs, Maryland


Scientists' Cliffs is an unincorporated community in Calvert County, Maryland, United States. Other names used for the community include Annes Aggravation, Flippos Folly, Pathologists Quagmire, and Scientists Cliff. Its altitude is 105 feet (32 m), and it is located at 38°31′3″N 76°30′48″W / 38.5175°N 76.51333°W / 38.5175; -76.51333 (38.5176224, -76.5132867). Go to the map ⬆⬆

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Census-designated places

  1. Calvert Beach-Long Beach
  2. St. Leonard (Maryland)
  3. Broomes Island
  4. Huntingtown (Maryland)
  5. Prince Frederick (Maryland)


  1. Condado de Calvert

Non incorporated areas

  1. Scientists Cliffs, Maryland
  2. Stoakley, Maryland

Other interest places

  1. Central nuclear de Calvert Cliffs
  2. Calvert County, Maryland
  3. Battle Creek Cypress Swamp

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