Sacramento County, California


Sacramento County is a county in the U.S. state of California. Its county seat is Sacramento, which is also the state capital. As of 2010, the county had a population of 1,418,788. Sacramento County is the largest of eight counties within the Greater Sacramento area. The county covers about 994 square miles (2,570 km) in the middle of the California Central Valley, on into Gold Country. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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Populated areas, municipalities, cities and towns

  1. Florín (California)
  2. Parkway-South Sacramento
  3. Laguna (California)
  4. Franklin (condado de Sacramento, California)
  5. Fruitridge Pocket
  6. Fuller Acres
  7. Lemon Hill
  8. Parkway (California)
  9. Elk Grove (California)
  10. Rosemont (California)
  11. Vineyard (California)
  12. Mather (California)

Sports Stadiums

  1. Hornet Stadium

Non incorporated areas

  1. Sheldon (California)


  1. Condado de Sacramento

Other interest places

  1. Hiram W. Johnson High School
  2. KCAI
  3. Sacramento County, California
  4. Cosumnes Oaks High School
  5. Power Inn

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