SM UB-40


SM UB-40 was a German Type UB II submarine or U-boat in the German Imperial Navy during World War I. The U-boat was ordered on 22 July 1915 and launched on 25 April 1916. She was commissioned into the German Imperial Navy on 18 August 1916 as SM UB-40. The submarine sank 100 ships in 28 patrols. UB-40 was scuttled at Ostende during the German evacuation on 5 October 1918. The wreck of UB-40 is located & identified by divers in the recent years. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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  1. Moere

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  1. Mercator (ship)

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  1. Albertpark

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  1. Testerep
  2. Sitio de Ostende
  3. Ostende
  4. Aeropuerto Internacional de Ostende-Brujas
  5. Tranvía costero belga
  6. Arrondissement of Ostend
  7. SM UB-40
  8. Siege of Ostend
  10. Puerto de Ostende
  11. Walraversijde

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