River Browney


The River Browney is a river in County Durham, England, and the largest tributary of the River Wear. According to Durham County Council Internet GIS, the River Browney rises from a spring in Head Plantation, on the eastern slope of Skaylock Hill, roughly a mile south east of Waskerley. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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Populated areas, municipalities, cities and towns

  1. Shittlehope
  2. Crawleyside
  3. Bridgehill
  4. Broom Hill, County Durham
  5. Ebchester
  6. High Stoop
  7. Inkerman, County Durham
  8. Waskerley
  9. Wolsingham
  10. Snods Edge
  11. Consett

Rivers and tributaries

  1. River Browney

Other interest places

  1. Unthank, Stanhope
  2. Wear Valley
  3. Rogerley Quarry
  4. Burnhope Burn
  5. Castleside
  6. Hisehope Burn Valley
  7. Moorside Community Technology College
  8. Waskerley Reservoir

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