Richmond Country Club


The Richmond Country Club is a social gathering place and sports facility especially golf, swimming, gym in Richmond, California. The club covers thousands of acres in the northern Hilltop neighborhood between Hilltop Mall and Point Pinole and is adjacent to Parchester Village to the west, near its entrance along Atlas road and the Richmond Parkway. It is served by AC Transit's route 71, 376, and LA/LC. It is on more than 50 acres (20.23 ha) and has been around since before 1900. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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  1. East Richmond Heights
  2. El Sobrante (condado de Contra Costa, California)
  3. Rollingwood (California)
  4. Tara Hills
  5. Bayview (condado de Contra Costa, California)
  6. Montalvin
  7. Pinole, California
  8. Rodeo (California)
  9. Contra Costa Centre (California)
  10. Reliez Valley (California)

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  1. El Cerrito del Norte (Metro de San Francisco)
  2. El Cerrito Plaza (Metro de San Francisco)


  1. Richmond Parkway

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  1. Richmond Country Club

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  1. Estación Richmond
  2. Richmond, California
  3. Richmond High School (Richmond, California)
  4. Hercules Station & Terminal
  5. Kennedy Grove Regional Recreation Area
  6. Ruta Estatal de California 123

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