Potter Mountain (Taconic Mountains)


Potter Mountain is a prominent ridgeline located in the Taconic Mountains of western Massachusetts. It has several peaks; the most notable are the southern Jiminy Peak, 2,392 feet (729 m), which bears the name of the ski area located on its slopes, and Widow White's Peak, 2,430 feet (740 m), the ridge high point. The mountain is located in the towns of Hancock and Lanesborough. It was formerly traversed by the Taconic Skyline Trail which no longer officially crosses the ridge. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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Populated areas, municipalities, cities and towns

  1. Hancock (Massachusetts)
  2. Lanesborough (Massachusetts)
  3. New Ashford
  4. Pittsfield (Massachusetts)

Census-designated places

  1. Cheshire (condado de Berkshire, Massachusetts)


  1. Guillermo Pío White

Rail Infraestructure

  1. Ashuwillticook Rail Trail

Other interest places

  1. WBEC (AM)
  2. WBRK (AM)
  3. WUPE (AM)
  4. Berkshire Athenaeum
  5. Holy Mount
  6. Old Central High School (Pittsfield, Massachusetts)
  7. Potter Mountain (Taconic Mountains)

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