Patch Barracks


Patch Barracks is a well-known US military installation in Stuttgart-Vaihingen in Germany. It is named after Alexander M. Patch. Patch Barracks was renamed from the German Kurmärker Kaserne in 1952; it was originally built for use by the German Army Wehrmacht in 1936/37. During World War II, it served as the headquarters and barracks for the Wehrmacht's 7th Panzer Regiment with associated unit shooting ranges and training areas located at the nearby Panzer Kaserne (literally "tank barracks"). Go to the map ⬆⬆

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  1. Grüner Heiner

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  1. Sindelfingen

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  1. Glaspalast Sindelfingen

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  1. Karlsschule Stuttgart

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  2. Museo Porsche
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  5. Universidad de Stuttgart
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  7. Zuffenhausen
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  11. Korntal-Münchingen
  12. University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart
  13. Leonberg
  14. Holzgerlingen
  15. Sporthalle (Böblingen)

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