Mont Rogneux


Mont Rogneux is a mountain in the Pennine Alps in Switzerland. It is a mountain located next to the fabled Petit Combin and Grand Combin. Facing the Verbier ski resort and neighbouring the Bruson lifts, it presents a steep north face which has yet not been descended by ski. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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Mountain Ranges

  1. L'Epée

Mountains and hills

  1. La Tsavre
  2. Le Mourin
  3. Six Blanc
  4. Mont Rogneux
  5. Alpes del Grand Combin

Mountain passes

  1. Col du Lein
  2. Col des Planches

Other interest places

  1. Distrito de Entremont
  2. Refugio de Valsorey
  3. Glaciar Valsorey
  4. 25 de julio
  5. 1855
  6. Grand Combin
  7. Combin de la Tsessette
  8. Combin de Valsorey
  9. Combin de Grafeneire
  10. Lac du Grand Désert

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