Mitzpe Yair


Mitzpe Yair is an unauthorized Israeli settlement in the West Bank. Located two kilometres south-east of Susia, it falls under the jurisdiction of Har Hebron Regional Council. It was established by Meir Am-Shalem in October 1998 and is home to 8-9 families. It was formerly known as Magen David. Mitzpe Yair is an unauthorized settlement that is regarded as illegal by the Israeli regional administration. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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You can find around this zone pois of interest and places relates with Natural Heritage / Forests and woodlands, Forest and Woodlands

Natural Heritage / Forests and woodlands

  1. Bosque de Yatir

Forest and Woodlands

  1. Yatir Forest

Other interest places

  1. Avigayil
  2. Mitzpe Yair
  3. Consejo Regional Har Hebron

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