Mian (Amieva)


Mian is a parish in Amieva, a municipality within the province and autonomous community of Asturias, in northern Spain. Sames, the capital of Amieva is located in Mian. The elevation is 340 m (1,120 ft) above sea level. It is 19.45 km (7.51 sq mi) in size. The population as of is 300. The postal code is 33558. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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Parish (parroquias)

  1. Sobrefoz
  2. Taranes
  3. Llerandi
  4. Cazo (lugar)
  5. Labra
  6. Argolibio
  7. Mián

what to see / tourism / architecture and monuments

  1. Capilla de Santo Medero (Isongo)


  1. Casielles
  2. San Ignacio (Ponga)
  3. Mian (Amieva)

Dissolved municipalities

  1. Tablares

Other interest places

  1. Viego
  2. Cangas de Onís (parroquia)
  3. Abamia
  4. Amieva (parroquia)
  5. Soto de Sajambre
  6. Sebarga
  7. Cangas de Onís (parish)
  8. Capilla de Santa Eugenia de Sobrecueva

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