Lötschen Pass


The Lötschen Pass (el. 2690 m. ) is a high mountain pass in Switzerland across the Lötschberg, connecting Kandersteg in the canton of Berne and Ferden in the canton of Valais. There is no actual mountain called Lötschberg. The pass lies between the Balmhorn on the west and Hockenhorn on the east. The pass is not accessible for cars, but traffic goes through the Lötschberg Tunnel via railway. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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Railway Stations

  1. Estación de Leuk


  1. Leuk (district)

Mountain passes

  1. Lötschen Pass

Populated areas, municipalities, cities and towns

  1. Guttet-Feschel
  2. Albinen

Mountains and hills

  1. Rinderhorn
  2. Balmhorn
  3. Majinghorn
  4. Wannihorn
  5. Wildi Frau
  6. Wilerhorn
  7. Fründenhorn

Other interest places

  1. Estación de Goppenstein
  2. Estación de Turtmann
  3. Estación de Raroña
  4. Estación de Gampel-Steg
  5. Centro Scout Internacional de Kandersteg
  6. Estación de Kandersteg
  7. Blüemlisalp
  8. Hohtenn

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