Legio X Fretensis


Legio X Fretensis ("Tenth legion of the sea strait") was a Roman legion levied by Augustus Caesar in 41/40 BC to fight during the period of civil war that started the dissolution of the Roman Republic. X Fretensis is then recorded to have existed at least until the 410s. X Fretensis symbols were the bull — the holy animal of the goddess Venus — a ship (probably a reference to the Battles of Naulochus and/or Actium), the god Neptune, and a boar. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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  1. Bar Yehuda Airfield

what to see / tourism / Tourist sites and attractions

  1. Ein Gedi Spa

Geographical features

  1. Lisan Peninsula


  1. Masada

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  1. Legio X Fretensis
  2. Península de Lisán

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