Las Arenas


Las Arenas (Areeta in Basque) is a neighbourhood of Getxo. It is an affluent residential area that was built over the sands of a beach where the Gobela creek died in a diffuse delta at the mouth of the Estuary of Bilbao in the early 20th century. It is connected to Portugalete, at the other side of the firth by the Puente Colgante and offers a marina, a small beach that can unfortunately be polluted, and a monument to Evaristo Churruca, who planned and directed the canalization of the estuary. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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You can find around this zone pois of interest and places relates with Battles, what to see / tourism / architecture and monuments / Skyscrappers, what to see / tourism / architecture and monuments, Railway Stations


  1. Batalla de Bilbao

what to see / tourism / architecture and monuments / Skyscrappers

  1. Torre Banco de Vizcaya

what to see / tourism / architecture and monuments

  1. Casco Viejo (Bilbao)

Railway Stations

  1. Estación de Amézola
  2. Estación de Zabalburu
  3. Estación de Olabeaga

Other interest places

  1. Puente de Deusto
  2. Recalde
  3. Estación de Abando Indalecio Prieto
  4. Bilbao La Vieja
  5. Achuri
  6. Circuito urbano de Bilbao
  7. Teatro Campos Elíseos
  8. Casa Consistorial de Bilbao
  9. Bilbao Arena
  10. Jardines de Albia
  11. La Alhóndiga (Bilbao)
  12. Teatro Arriaga
  13. Castillo de Butrón
  14. Estación de Miribilla

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