Karlstrup Landsby is a small village in the municipality of Solrød. The village is approximately 3km from the beach, Karlstrup Strand, situated in the middle of Køge Bugt (The Bay of Køge). There is a lake nearby, Karlstrup Kalkgrav, which used to be a chalk pit. The Danish national bicycle route #9 passes through Karlstrup Village and is home to a Bed & Breakfast in a traditional thatched cottage, The B&B-House. Karlstrup is approximately 30km from the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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Soccer / football venues

  1. Køge Stadion

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  1. Karlstrup
  2. Solrød Strand

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  1. Køge
  2. Universidad de Roskilde
  3. Aeropuerto de Copenhague-Roskilde
  4. Ishøj
  5. Ishøj Municipality
  6. Karlslunde

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