Fornebu (local form Fornebo) is a peninsular area in the suburban municipality of Bærum in Norway, bordering western parts of Oslo. Oslo Airport, Fornebu (FBU) served as the main airport for Oslo and the country since before World War II and until the evening of October 7, 1998, when it was closed down. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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what to see / tourism / cultural interest places

  1. Parque de Vigeland


  1. Nesodden

Other interest places

  1. Universidad de Oslo
  2. Grini
  3. Holmenkollen
  4. Bogstadveien
  5. Parque Frogner
  6. Fram (buque)
  7. Museo del Fram
  8. DnB NOR
  9. Biblioteca Nacional de Noruega
  10. Aeropuerto de Oslo-Fornebu
  11. Palacio de Oscarshall
  12. Bærum
  13. Museo Kon-Tiki
  14. Det Norske Veritas
  15. Museo de barcos vikingos de Oslo
  16. Iglesia de madera de Gol
  17. Norsk Hydro
  18. Majorstuen

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