Egill Skallagrímsson Brewery


The Egill Skallagrímsson Brewery (Icelandic: Ölgerð Egils Skallagrímssonar) is an Icelandic brewery and beverage company based in Reykjavík and founded on April 17, 1913. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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  1. Commercial College of Iceland
  2. Hvassaleitisskóli

Shopping centers

  1. Smáralind

Soccer / football venues

  1. Víkin
  2. Valbjarnarvöllur

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  1. Menntaskólinn við Sund
  2. Mosfellsbær

Bars / Breweries

  1. Egill Skallagrímsson Brewery


  1. Viðey

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  1. Borgartún
  2. Cumbre de Reikiavik
  3. Garðabær
  4. Hamrahlid College
  5. Kópavogur
  6. Reykjavíkurkjördæmi Norður
  7. Reykjavíkurkjördæmi Suður
  8. Laugardalur
  9. Colegio Comercial de Islandia
  10. Kjósarhreppur

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