Donegall Road


Template:Infobox street The Donegall Road (Irish: Bóthar Dhún na nGall) is a residential area and road traffic thoroughfare that runs from Shaftesbury Square on the "Golden Mile" to the Falls Road in west Belfast. It is bisected by the Westlink – M1 motorway. The largest section of the road, east of the Broadway junction with the Westlink, is predominantly loyalist. The remainder is predominantly republican. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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  1. Donegall Road


  1. Christian Brothers' School (Glen Road, Belfast)


  1. Larkfield (Northern Ireland Parliament constituency)

what to see / tourism / architecture and monuments

  1. Rise (sculpture)

what to see / tourism / tourist streets

  1. Shaw's Road

Townland (Ireland)

  1. Craigarogan

Other interest places

  1. Aeropuerto de la Ciudad de Belfast George Best
  2. Belfast
  3. Irlanda del Norte
  4. Gran Belfast
  5. Harland and Wolff
  6. Windsor Park
  7. Universidad Queen’s de Belfast
  8. Calle Great Victoria
  9. Campo de críquet de Ormeau
  10. HMS Caroline (1914)
  11. Odyssey Arena
  12. Lisburn
  13. Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children
  14. Musgrave Park Hospital

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