Cosquín, Córdoba


Cosquín is a small town in the province of Córdoba, Argentina, located about 52 km (32 mi) from the city of Córdoba, and 783 km (487 mi) from Buenos Aires. It has about 19,000 inhabitants as of the 2001 census . It is the head town of the Punilla Department, and is located on the banks of the Cosquín River, and on the foot of a small mountain (Cerro Pan de Azúcar). Cosquín is the oldest town in the scenic Punilla Valley; the region was already populated by the 16th century. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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Populated areas, municipalities, cities and towns

  1. La Granja (Córdoba)
  2. Freyre
  3. Piquillín
  4. Santa María de Punilla


  1. Las Gramillas
  2. Mendiolaza
  3. Sagrada Familia (Córdoba)

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  1. Saldán
  2. Villa Allende

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  1. Festival de Cosquín
  2. Río Cosquín
  3. Santa Rosa de Río Primero
  4. Unquillo
  5. Casa Grande (Córdoba)
  6. Estación General Paz
  7. Río Primero (Córdoba)
  8. Bialet Massé
  9. Colonia Las Cuatro Esquinas
  10. Colonia Tirolesa
  11. Estación Juárez Celman

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