Charles Boyd Homestead Group


The Charles Boyd Homestead is a group of three buildings that make up a pioneer ranch complex. It is located in Deschutes County north of Bend, Oregon, United States. The ranch buildings were constructed by Charles Boyd between 1905 and 1909. Today, the three surviving structures are the only ranch buildings that date back to the earliest period of settlement in the Bend area. The Boyd Homestead is listed as a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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  1. Tetherow
  2. Bend (Oregón)
  3. Downing Building
  4. Drake Park
  5. Seventh Mountain
  6. Deschutes River Woods

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  1. Pilot Butte (Oregon)

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  1. NorthStar Center
  2. Charles Boyd Homestead Group
  3. Old Bend High School

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