Cenate Sopra


Cenate Sopra is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Bergamo in the Italian region of Lombardy, located about 60 km northeast of Milan and about 12 km east of Bergamo. As of 31 December 2004, it had a population of 2,248 and an area of 6.9 km². The municipality of Cenate Sopra contains the frazioni (subdivisions, mainly villages and hamlets) Sant'Ambrogio, Valpredina, and Piazze. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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Mountains and hills

  1. Monte Cornagera

Other interest places

  1. Albano Sant'Alessandro
  2. Entratico
  3. Gazzaniga
  4. Casnigo
  5. Chiuduno
  6. Colzate
  7. San Paolo d'Argon
  8. Torre de' Roveri
  9. Brusaporto
  10. Calcinate
  11. Cavernago
  12. Pradalunga
  13. Bolgare
  14. Cenate Sopra
  15. Cenate Sotto
  16. Gorlago
  17. Montello, Lombardy
  18. Mornico al Serio
  19. Foresto Sparso

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