Causey Arch


The Causey Arch is a bridge near Stanley in County Durham, northern England. It is the oldest surviving single-arch railway bridge in the world. It was built in 1725-26 by stonemason Ralph Wood, funded by a conglomeration of coal-owners known as the "'Grand Allies'" (founded by Colonel Liddell and the Hon. Charles Montague) at a cost of £12,000. Two tracks crossed the Arch: one (the main way) to take coal to the River Tyne, and the other (the bye way) for the returning the empty wagons. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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Historical Facts

  1. Batalla de Newburn


  1. St. Cuthbert's High School

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  1. Causey Arch

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  1. Clough Dene
  2. High Friarside
  3. High Spen
  4. Shield Row
  5. Throckley
  6. Greenside


  1. Battle of Newburn

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  5. Newcastle upon Tyne
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  7. Causey Bank Mires
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  10. Royal Grammar School, Newcastle

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