Buca Arena


Buca Arena is a football stadium in Izmir and is located near to Yedigöller, north of Buca. Construction began in 2008; the opening ceremony of the new stadium was in 2009. The official capacity of Buca Arena is 10,000. Near the stadium, a carpet area, two basketball courts, jogging paths and a 300 car parking lot are located. Bucaspor played its first official match against Çorumspor on 18 January 2009. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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Railway Stations

  1. Çankaya (İzmir Metro)
  2. Hilal (İzmir Metro)
  3. Sanayi (İzmir Metro)


  1. Provincia de Esmirna

Other interest places

  1. Izmir Ethnography Museum
  2. Gaziemir
  3. Ege University
  4. Buca Arena
  5. Bornova
  6. Esmirna

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