Boekelo ['bukəloː 'bukəloː] is a Dutch village in the municipality of Enschede in the Eastern Netherlands, the population is estimated at approximately 2500. It is located just west of Usselo. The village is known for the Military Boekelo Enschede, an international equestrian event. It is also known for the salt industry, since 1919 located south of the village. This was a reason for the then well-known Bad Boekelo (Bath Boekelo) to have a salt water wave pool. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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Historical Facts

  1. Enschede fireworks disaster

Railway Stations

  1. Hengelo Gezondheidspark railway station

Bars / Restaurants

  1. Carelshaven

Other interest places

  1. Borne (ciudad)
  2. Enschede
  3. De Grolsch Veste
  4. Hengelo
  5. Stad Delden
  6. Deurningen
  7. Boekelo

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