Battle of Bussaco


The Battle of Bussaco (27 September 1810) resulted in the defeat of French forces by Lord Wellington's Anglo-Portuguese Army, in Portugal during the Peninsular War. Having occupied the heights of Bussaco (a 10-mile long ridge located at 40°20'40"N, 8°20'15"W) with 25,000 British and the same number of Portuguese, Wellington was attacked five times successively by 65,000 French under Marshal André Masséna. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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Freguesia (District)

  1. Cercosa
  2. Cortegaça (Mortágua)
  3. Espinho (Mortágua)
  4. Luso
  5. Marmeleira (Mortágua)
  6. Moita (Anadia)
  7. Mortágua (freguesia)
  8. Pala (Mortágua)
  9. Pampilhosa
  10. Sobral (Mortágua)
  11. Trezói
  12. Arcos (Anadia)
  13. Botão
  14. Brasfemes
  15. Carvalho (Penacova)
  16. Cumeeira
  17. Eiras (Coímbra)
  18. Espinhal


  1. Battle of Bussaco

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  1. Penacova

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