Battle of Araviana


The Battle of Araviana was a cavalry action fought during the War of the Two Peters on 22 September 1359. Eight hundred Aragonese horse, many of them Castilian exiles in service of the Crown of Aragon under Henry of Trastámara, had launched a cavalgada in Castilian territory when, near the Castilian town of Ágreda, confronted and routed a Castilian force under Juan Fernández de Henestrosa set to guard the frontier. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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Populated areas, municipalities, cities and towns

  1. María de Huerva
  2. Mesones de Isuela
  3. Vozmediano
  4. Añavieja
  5. Alacón

Other interest places

  1. Ágreda
  2. Arco árabe de Ágreda
  3. Salillas de Jalón
  4. Pozondón
  5. Báguena
  6. Ólvega
  7. Cueva de Ágreda
  8. Battle of Araviana

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