Bastia – Poretta Airport


Bastia – Poretta Airport or Aéroport de Bastia - Poretta is an airport serving Bastia on the island of Corsica. It is located 17 km (11 mi) south southeast of Bastia in Lucciana, both communes of the Haute-Corse département in France. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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Rivers and tributaries

  1. Río Golo


  1. Drama de Furiani

what to see / tourism / architecture and monuments / Cathedrals

  1. Catedral de Santa María de la Asunción de Lucciana


  1. Aeropuerto de Bastia-Poretta


  1. Borgo, Haute-Corse
  2. Monte, Haute-Corse
  3. Vescovato, Haute-Corse

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  1. Stade Armand Cesari
  2. Bastia – Poretta Airport

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