Ahu Vinapu


Ahu Vinapu is an archaeological site on Rapa Nui in Chilean Polynesia. The ceremonial center of Vinapu includes one of the larger ahu on Rapa Nui. The ahu exhibits extraordinary stonemasonry consisting of large, carefully fitted slabs of basalt. The American archaeologist, William Mulloy investigated the site in 1958. Go to the map ⬆⬆

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Archipelagoes and Islands

  1. Islote Motu Kao Kao
  2. Isla de Pascua (comuna)

Historical Facts

  1. Vinapú

Archaeological sites

  1. Ahu Vinapu

Other interest places

  1. Hanga Roa
  2. Motu Iti (Isla de Pascua)
  3. Aeropuerto Internacional Mataveri
  4. Motu Nui
  5. Moái
  6. Maʻunga Terevaka
  7. Terevaka

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