Unthank, Stanhope


Unthank is a collection of houses in Stanhope in County Durham, England. Unthank can be found just over Stanhope Ford and at the bottom of Softley Bank. It consists of Unthank Mill, Unthank Hall, Unthank Farm and Unthank Cottage, now called the Railway Cottage. Unthank Mill backs onto Unthank Park which is a popular caravan park, and also host to Stanhope's agricultural shows and other local events. Ir al mapa ⬆⬆

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14th century in England

  1. Batalla de Stanhope Park

Localidades / Poblaciones

  1. Shittlehope
  2. Lintzgarth
  3. Baybridge, Northumberland
  4. Townfield
  5. Brotherlee
  6. Crawleyside
  7. Snaisgill
  8. Waskerley

Sites of Special Scientific Interest in County Durham

  1. Bollihope, Pikestone, Eggleston and Woodland Fells
  2. Middle Side and Stonygill Meadows
  3. Rogerley Quarry
  4. Burnhope Burn
  5. Fairy Holes Cave
  6. Hisehope Burn Valley

Buildings and structures completed in 1165

  1. The Lord Crewe Arms Hotel

Ríos y afluentes

  1. River Browney

Reservoirs in County Durham

  1. Waskerley Reservoir

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  1. Unthank, Stanhope
  2. Wear Valley

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