Schierke is a village and a former municipality in the Harz district, in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. Since 1 July 2009, it is part of the town Wernigerode. Schierke was first mentioned as Schiriken in a 1590 deed. Situated within the Harz mountain range in the valley of the Bode River, at the rim of the Harz National Park, it is mainly a tourist resort, especially for hiking and all kinds of winter sport. Since 1898 Schierke station has been served by the Harz Narrow Gauge Railways. Ir al mapa ⬆⬆

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patrimonio natural / parques nacionales

  1. Parque nacional de Harz


  1. Bremen Hut (Ilsenburg)
  2. Ilsenburg House

qué ver / turismo / arquitectura y monumentos / Torres

  1. Brocken Transmitter


  1. Hasserode
  2. Hasserode Castle

qué ver / turismo / templos y edificios religiosos

  1. Ilsenburg Abbey

Rock formations in the Harz

  1. Ilsestein

Forests and woodlands of Germany

  1. Harz


  1. Molkenhaus (Bad Harzburg)

Timber framed buildings

  1. Molkenhaus (Wernigerode)

Rock formations in Lower Saxony

  1. Muxklippe

Estaciones de ferrocarril o Metro

  1. Schierke station

Bode basin

  1. Silberteich
  2. Steinerne Renne


  1. Großer Burgberg

Localidades / Poblaciones

  1. Schierke

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  1. Brocken

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