is the administrative centre of the municipality of Bærum in Norway. It was declared a city by the municipal council in Bærum on 4 June 2003. Sandvika is situated approximately 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) west of Oslo. It is the main transportation hub for Western Bærum, and has a combined bus and railway station. Sandvika is also one of the stops along the route of the Airport Express Train. Ir al mapa ⬆⬆

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Nazi concentration camps

  1. Grini

Buildings and structures in Oslo

  1. Aeropuerto de Oslo-Fornebu

Villages in Akershus

  1. Bærum
  2. Asker

Companies of Norway

  1. Det Norske Veritas


  1. Slemmestad

Localidades / Poblaciones

  1. Gullhella
  2. Nadderud Stadion

Estaciones de ferrocarril o Metro

  1. Gullhella Station
  2. Bekkestua (station)
  3. Jar (station)
  4. Høvik Station
  5. Ramstad Station

qué ver / turismo / arquitectura y monumentos

  1. Telenor Arena

Neighbourhoods in B%C3%A6rum

  1. Eiksmarka
  2. Fornebu

Patrimonio natural / árboles

  1. Arboreto de Overland

Geography of B%C3%A6rum

  1. Ostøya

1884 establishments in Norway

  1. Stabekk Station

1930 establishments in Norway

  1. Høn Station

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