Poloniny National Park


Poloniny National Park (Slovak: Národný park Poloniny) is a national park in north eastern Slovakia at the Polish and Ukrainian borders, in the Bukovské vrchy mountain range, which belongs to the Eastern Carpathians. It was created on 1 October 1997 with a protected area of 298.05 km² and a buffer zone of 109.73 km². Selected areas of the park are included into Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ir al mapa ⬆⬆

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Localidades / Poblaciones

  1. Ulič
  2. Klenová (Snina District)
  3. Príslop

Mountain ranges of the Eastern Carpathians

  1. Bukovec Mountains

World Heritage Sites in Slovakia

  1. Poloniny National Park

patrimonio natural / parques nacionales

  1. Parque nacional de Poloniny

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