Kolsås is a wooded mountain ridge in the municipality of Bærum, Norway. Geologically, Kolsås belongs to the Oslo Graben area. Its two peaks consist of hard rhomb porphyric lava covering softer rocks, forming steep cliffs to the east, south and west. Ir al mapa ⬆⬆

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Nazi concentration camps

  1. Grini

Buildings and structures in Oslo

  1. Aeropuerto de Oslo-Fornebu

Villages in Akershus

  1. Bærum
  2. Asker

Companies of Norway

  1. Det Norske Veritas

qué ver / turismo / arquitectura y monumentos

  1. Telenor Arena

Estaciones de ferrocarril o Metro

  1. Bekkestua (station)
  2. Jar (station)
  3. Høvik Station
  4. Ramstad Station

Neighbourhoods in B%C3%A6rum

  1. Eiksmarka
  2. Fornebu

Patrimonio natural / árboles

  1. Arboreto de Overland

Geography of B%C3%A6rum

  1. Ostøya

1884 establishments in Norway

  1. Stabekk Station

Localidades / Poblaciones

  1. Nadderud Stadion

1930 establishments in Norway

  1. Høn Station

Railway stations in Asker

  1. Hvalstad Station

Mountains of Akershus

  1. Kolsås

Railway tunnels in Akershus

  1. Skaugum Tunnel

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