Kobyłka is a town of 17,500 inhabitants located right outside of the city of Warsaw, near Wołomin in the Masovian Voivodeship. Located in a densely forested area, the town has been a village at least since 15th century. In 18th century the village was one of the main centres of production of Kontusz Belts. In 1751 the village was granted with a royal city charter, as an effect of extensive efforts of its owner, Bishop Marcin Załuski, who wanted to turn it into a large centre for pilgrims. Ir al mapa ⬆⬆

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Collective punishment

  1. Wawer massacre

Hechos históricos

  1. Battle of Olszynka Grochowska

Cities and towns in Masovian Voivodeship

  1. Kobyłka
  2. Ząbki
  3. Radzymin

Villages in Wo%C5%82omin County

  1. Nowy Janków
  2. Ossów
  3. Stary Dybów

Localidades / Poblaciones

  1. Zielonka

Órdenes y congregaciones católicas

  1. Congregación de San Miguel Arcángel

Districts of Warsaw

  1. Rembertów

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