East Branch Baker River


The East Branch of the Baker River is a 3.1-mile-long (5.0 km) river located in western New Hampshire in the United States. It is a tributary of the Baker River, part of the Pemigewasset River and Merrimack River watersheds. The river rises on the southernmost slopes of Mount Moosilauke in the town of Woodstock. Flowing south, it quickly enters the town of Warren and crosses twice under Route 118 before joining the main stem of the Baker. Ir al mapa ⬆⬆

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Localidades / Poblaciones

  1. Benton (Nuevo Hampshire)
  2. Wentworth (Nuevo Hampshire)
  3. Ellsworth (Nuevo Hampshire)
  4. Warren (Nuevo Hampshire)

División Administrativa / Condados

  1. Condado de Grafton

Ríos y afluentes

  1. East Branch Baker River

Dartmouth College facilities

  1. Moosilauke Ravine Lodge

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