Battle of Ceresole


The Battle of Ceresole (or Cérisoles) was an encounter between a French army and the combined forces of Spain and the Holy Roman Empire during the Italian War of 1542–46. The lengthy engagement took place on 11 April 1544, outside the village of Ceresole d'Alba in the Piedmont region of Italy; the French, under François de Bourbon, Count of Enghien, defeated the Spanish-Imperial army of Alfonso d'Avalos d'Aquino, Marquis del Vasto. Ir al mapa ⬆⬆

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Localidades / Poblaciones

  1. Sommariva Perno
  2. Baldissero d'Alba
  3. Montaldo Roero

Hechos históricos

  1. Batalla de Cerisoles

Hechos históricos / Batallas

  1. Battle of Ceresole

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