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Are you looking for maps to follow hiking trails? or perhaps you are looking for free trails maps to load on your GPS, for planning your MTB excursion?

Then you have come to the right website!

In buscamapas.com you'll find thousands of  hiking and mtb maps with routes and trails. And you'll be able to download them for free, so you can load them into your GPS navigator or mobile application, and follow the in the outdoor.

In our website you will be able to view the maps of our outdoor trails, using as background the topographic map from Open Street Maps intended for the practice of sports activities in outdoor: Open Cycle Map.

Where to do rural tourism: maps, videos an landscape images.

Hiking, cycling and mountain biking, canyoning, climbing, hiking, mountaineering, are types of recreational activities related to a type of tourism known as active tourism or rural tourism.

These activities are characterized because they have a place outside of the city, typically in small villages, or in the extraradios of the urban areas, in contact with nature, close to the mountains or protected spaces, such as rivers, mountains or natural parks.

In our section buscamapas.com/rural-tourism we have compiled all the relevant information for practicing rural tourism in any country of the world: routes, hiking and mtb, with tracks downloadable, main rural accommodation, videos tourist information, photos of landscapes, and much more.

Hiking Trails Maps.

From our section buscamapas.com/hiking-trails you can search among more than 150,000 hiking routes, almost all countries of the world. You'll be able to do different types of searches:

Searches of free text, such as, for example, "Hiking in London" or "Montaña Palentina".
Searches of hiking trails near a population, as for example, "Hiking trails near the city of Madrid"
Hiking routes of a country: Hiking trails in the united States.
Hiking trails near natural protected areas. For example: hiking Routes near the national park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido.

MTB Trails Maps.

In our section dedicated to the bike routes all-terrain (mountain BIKE) we have more than 180,000 routes from mountain bike all over the world.

As in the case of the hiking trails, you'll be able to perform searches of mountain bike routes according to the same criteria: countries, villages, natural spaces or text lbire. One of the most relevant examples of map searches for routes in mountain bike and tracks to GPX or KML for download are:

MTB routes near Madrid.
MTB routes near Murcia.
MTB routes in the surroundings of the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas.
MTB routes near Bogotá, Colombia.
543 MTB routes in Switzerland.

Places of Interest near our Hiking trails or Mountain Bike trails.

We think that the practice of active tourism, as a modality of rural tourism, goes beyond choosing a route, close to nature, and to follow it with the GPS, If you do so, and don't know what attractions are there near the path that you are following, it is very possible that you miss out on places worth seeing, such as natural monuments, lakes, archaeological sites, megalithic monuments, etc

For this reason our maps incorporate, in addition to the track of the route to follow, the position of the points of interest most relevant of close proximity to the route followed. These points of interest we have located automatically by accessing the large database of knowledge that is Wikipedia, which also stores information on the geographical location of their entries.

Some points of interest highlighted near our routes of active tourism are:

the historical city of Sintra, near Lisbon.
the mountains Cámbricos (Cambrian Mountains) in Wales.
the cañada of Córdoba, in Argentina.
the Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Pino, Gran Canaria.
And in general, a large number of categories of points of interest related to the tourism, the architecture, the history or natural phenomena that you can see in our maps.

Photos and Videos.

In our website, primarily in the sections of Rural Tourism and Places of Interest, you'll be able to see a large number of videos and photographs, which illustrate the maps with the routes and places of interest that you offer. And is that a map is worth a thousand words, but to say of a video, in which you can see everything with your own eyes!

Some of the videos of places of interest for the practice of leisure of adventure are:

This tourist guide video for the city of Malaga.
This video about the national park of montes de Málaga
These videos about the Torcal of Antequera, in Málaga.
Or these videos on the national park of the Picos de Europa, Spain.
Videos on the Sierra de Gredos, Spain
Videos about the national park of the Pyrenees High.
Videos of the natural park of the Albufera, in the area of the Spanish levante.

Maps to download in formats GPX and KML.

As our applications are "Hiking trails" and "Trails MTB", which you can find in the markets of applications of Google Play and the Amazon, our online maps also allow you to download routes for you to load into your GPS.

From the beginning, all our maps can be downloaded in KML format. KML is the format of Google Maps, and supports virtually all GPS navigators, including the most popular (OruxMaps for Android, My Tracks, etc.)

In addition, as one of the great novelties of the end of 2016, from October 15 you can download from our website all of our routes in GPX format, an exchange format for GPS routes more widespread, supported by the mobile apps for web browsers such as Garmin, Polar, etc

Soon we will post videos of how to download our routes in these formats.


Search your app and install it in your phone. If you don't find what are you looking for, contact us.

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